15 July 2020

How Interior Remodeling Boosts the Value of Your NJ Home

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The housing market is fickle, and that is never more true than the current times! However, homeowners in New Jersey know one thing for sure: it’s always better to increase the value of your home. Whether you are considering selling, remortgaging, or just making your home a more beautiful place to live, you may want to consider remodeling. Read on to find out tips from expert construction and home remodelers in NJ for the remodels that pack the biggest home-value boosts!

The Moneymaker: Kitchen Remodels For the savvy home-seller, a kitchen remodel is a must! This is the interior remodel project that typically sees the highest returns, and even comes close to the high returns on investment that can be found for exterior improvements such as siding or windows. Whether you need new cabinets and counters, a modern sink, or a total overhaul, a modern kitchen is something that every homebuyer will love.

Not Far Behind: Bathroom Renovations Second only to kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and renovations pay off at the closing date! While a boring bathroom will benefit from an upgrade, an outdated bathroom tells your guest and prospective buyers that the house may be unattended. Ditch grandma’s color scheme and ancient tub and transform your bathroom into something modern, safe, and attractive.

Choose Carefully: Floors and Walls If you plan to invest heavily in the floor or wall coverings, make sure to choose something you like. These personal elements of the home are those that investors or home buyers are usually the least interested in, because the new owners will likely have their own style. However, if you’re planning to increase the value of your home while living in it, this is a great way to enjoy your home more! Update the colors of the walls, clear away ancient wallpaper, or install attractive and easy-to-clean tiles where old laminate or linoleum used to be. While any house for sale should look neat, clean, and presentable, your style choice should be something you personally enjoy. Ready to boost your home’s value? Call AMP Construction today to start designing your next home improvement project!

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