13 July 2020

Make Your Summer Space Safe With an Outdoor Redesign

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The COVID-19 pandemic is trying to take all the fun out of summer! Fight back and turn your home into a safe, beautiful place to hang out, relax, and maybe even work. The expert home improvement team at AMP construction in NJ has been helping homeowners plan for many exterior modifications lately, and we love seeing how they turn out. Check out these top tips for your outdoor space.

Ditch that Dangerous Deck!

Has your deck seen better days? Do you have “that one stair” that everyone jumps over? Now is the perfect time for a remodel! During the pandemic, experts have warned that staying outside is usually a safer option for gathering with people outside your home—but only if your outside areas are up to date! If your deck has been gathering dust, mold, and aging boards for years, a new one will look better and give you peace of mind. Even better, this is the perfect chance to expand it so you can stay socially distant at your next small gathering!

Party under a Pergola

For those not in the design and build community, a pergola is sometimes known as “that slatted roof thing” and typically consists of a series of criss-crossed beams with four support legs. This free-standing structure protects against the harsh burn of direct sunlight while still letting some rays through. These are hot today, and you’ll impress your neighbors when you hire a skilled architect to design a custom build.

Build Outside the Lines

Does your house reflect your personality? If so, don’t stick to the cookie-cutter options. Sure, anyone can pick up a basic piece of outdoor furniture from a home improvement store, but why not have a custom piece built instead? Our team can help you to create a patio, seating arrangement, decoration, or pretty much any other outdoor item you can think of.

Ready to take your home to the next level? Amp it up with a call to AMP Construction! Our expert architect and design team in NJ will work directly with you to create the perfect project.

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